Nedcam is heading towards fully recyclable plugs and direct-stencils

A few times a week, new plugs or direct-mold leave the production hall of Nedcam in Heerenveen. These products are often 26 meters long and 6 meters wide, produced from large volumes of EPS and pastes, transported by a deep loader towards yacht and superyacht clients.

Erwin van Maaren, Commercial Director of Nedcam, gives us a quick look at their method: “Our method with seamless paste has become the standard over the last 10 years for the production of plugs and direct-mold. With this development it is possible to make bigger, seamless, and smoother products with high accuracy. A leading design of a yacht builder that is grinded to us by plug or direct mold and is finished with high gloss, makes this a really nice product! It’s always a feeling of pride when our products leave our production hall. If you would see it on the deep loader, you would not say it is a disposable product, which gets thrown away after a few yachts. Yet this is the reality, and has been for a long time if you ask us.”

Reimbursement with reusing a plug or direct-molds. Will this be one of the possible solutions for the future?

Van Maaren: “As  beautiful as they are, the fact is that these products are still made of polystyrene, polyesters and epoxies. Not the best products for the environment. They are sustainable in the way that they’re produced to live a long life. There are two reasons why we as a market leaders in this industry feel responsible to work on more sustainable products.

A solution like that is becoming more realistic now that 3D printing is growing fast. At the moment, we’re working on an innovative production methods for plugs and direct molds, which can be returned after use. With the recycled raw products, we make, with 3D printing, new products. They are still some challenges with materials and the technical base, but these are manageable. With the correct reimbursement, clients will think it’s worth it to help this circular system. How great would that be!”

Would you like to know more about the developments at Nedcam? Check their website.

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