Practical ways to improve environmental performance

Increased focused on the environmental impact of boat and product manufacturing and supply has drawn in a wide range of ideas, many of them looking quite radical at the moment and with cost burdens that act as barriers to adoption. The recyclability of boats is also going up the agenda internationally. However, some are already tackling environmental impacts in surprisingly practical and relatively easy to implement ways, as was explained at the last edition of the Sustainability in the Marine Industry Conference hosted by METSTRADE.

One of the speakers, Paolo Bertetti of Sanlorenzo, says his company already improves the ecological credentials of their yachts by extending their anticipated time in service. Speaking after he had made presentations at the Conference and on the METSTRADE Innovation Lab, he explained: “We look at the entire life of the product and taking care of its environmental impact. A yacht is disposed of not because it is too old, but because people lose interest in it. So the point is how to extend the appeal of the yacht.

“You need to have attractive lines that still work well after many years. Then you need to design and build it in such a way at the beginning so that you can update its interior. It’s like a house – you are not going to scrap it, you are going to change the wall paint or the furniture.