Are clean marinas, the gateway to ocean sustainability?

It’s an unfortunate fact, that the very places we choose to park our boats, are also the perfect entrapment environment for stuff that gets swept in by winds and currents, and also a place where much of the contamination from cleaning and maintaining boats can unfortunately gather if there is not enough care taken.  

So, there are plenty of excellent reasons for keeping marinas clean, and the good news is, that a lot is being done about it by marine associations, and marinas themselves. Also there are plenty of new ideas and product innovations aimed at improving things in that direction. 

‘Target the young’ message from a marina industry professional

Oscar Siches contributed to the session entitled ‘A comprehensive approach on environmental problems and marinas,’ at the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference last November. He has been a partner and manager of two marinas in Mallorca, a consultant for leisure marine infrastructure projects in various countries, and a cruising / offshore racing yacht skipper.

Hear his opinions about how our industry should approach the future of environmental sustainability, by influencing the ‘tiny tots’ in society: